How we make bottled water
Water extraction
9 steps of production
Water is extracted using submersible pumps and sent through pipes to a storage receiving tank
9 steps of production
Water enters the water treatment area. Excess iron, calcium and magnesium salts are removed from its composition
9 steps of production
It is carried out by the ion exchange method, which is considered the most effective
9 steps of production
Water enters pressure filters, where mechanical and sorption purification is carried out to remove unwanted chemical compounds and harmful impurities
9 steps of production
using ultraviolet radiation. Destruction of disease-causing organisms without the use of toxic chemicals. Does not affect the chemical composition of water, leaving it unchanged
9 steps of production
This stage is necessary in order for the concentration of chemical compounds vital for humans to comply with accepted standards
9 steps of production
After the initial preparation, the water enters the preliminary storage tanks, from where it then enters for bottling
9 steps of production
Shipment of finished products to the warehouse
9 steps of production
Finished products are stored in temperature-controlled warehouses
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